For thousands of years since the age of kings, Sri Lankans knew of the large number of inhabitant plant species which holds a great medicinal value. They collected parts from relevant plants such as roots, cork, bark, leaves, flowers, fruits seeds Et cetera and used their chemistry to formulate the traditional medicinal formulary. How ever the dosages must be determined by a traditional Ayurvedic doctor prior to application. Since all the Ayurvedic medicine are 100% natural it is known to be free of side effects and after effects.

There are more than 565 medicinal items produced including the following

  1. Arishta
  2. Asawa
  3. Kwataha
  4. Arka
  5. Guli
  6. Rasaushada
  7. Kalka
  8. Gugul Oushadha
  9. Rasayanoushadha
  10. Various Moddaka items
  11. Choorna
  12. Panta
  13. Syrups
  14. Oil-Ghrutha
  15. Lepa
  16. Special products
  17. Awaleha
  18. Dalu Anupatha
  19. Pattu
  • There is an experimental structure within this company for producing medicines.
  • There are many welfare programs for the employees.
  • For the welfare of the physicians there programs.
  • So many social welfare activities.
  • Ayurvedic Medical Clinics are conducted by the company.
  • Production process is carried on traditional technology too.
  • Human resources are employed than machinery resources.