• Producing quality Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals in Siddhayurveda tradition
  • Issuing such quality Ayurvedic products to the physicians
  • Maintaining a mobile sales service benefiting the pharmaceutical outlets and the Ayurvedic physicians
  • There is an Ayurvedic Treatment Centre in the head office building at Yakkala, consisting a considerable number of clever and experienced physicians for all types of illnesses
  • Conducting courses on different subjects in order to update knowledge of the physicians and providing them necessary assistance
  • Helping other Medical Organizations and exchanging knowledge
  • Facilitating the Board of Siddhayurvedic Physicians
  • Facilitating the Siddhayurveda Medical Academy [Training for Medical students]
  • Supplying high quality raw medicinal items to the customers
  • Encouraging the cultivators of medicinal plants by means of advisory programs
  • Maintain the Wickramarachchi Memorial Fund for the benefit of the physicians
  • Maintain a Welfare Fund for the members
  • Providing employments to the people of the area
  • Conducting medical lectures and programs on raw materials
  • Providing opportunities to the employees to gain knowledge about raw materials
  • Publishing "Samachara" magazine
  • "Piyushapani" Award for the physicians
  • Conducting island wide free clinical services
  • Cooperating with Religious and Social functions by supplying "Osupan" medicinal drinks


In 1932, Gampaha Siddhayurveda medical collage was founded with the motive of giving...