Since 1932 this has been in operation in order to facilitate the Ayurvada students of Siddhayurveda College who had been learning Ayurveda with the knowledge of producing Ayurvedic medicines and with the purpose of providing required medicines for the patients who came there. Founder of Gampaha Siddhayurveda College - Ayurveda Chakravarthi - Pandit - Dr. G. P. Wickramarachchi with the other lecturers and the employees from this area continued. Considering its long time existence and the wages of the employees, the medicines pharmaceuticals were produced and sold to public. Thus while the number of pupils increased and Gampaha Siddhayurveda Dispensaries started to become famous in every part of the island. As a result of the above said reasons, this became a formal business establishment in 1965.Today there is a large number of Siddhayurveda Pharmaceutical Products Sales outlets throughout the country. Siddhayurveda products with a high quality are being supplied to Government hospitals as well as to the foreign countries. There 1177 Ayurvedic physicians who hold memberships in this body.

Established in: 1932

Seemasahitha Gampaha Siddhayrveda Rasayanoushadha Samagama

This is an establishment Registered under the Department of Ayurveda of Sri Lanka. Reg No: P. B. 31

Address: 171, Kandy Road, Yakkala.

Number of physicians bearing membership: 1177

Board of Directors: 11

Structure of Administration:

The Board of Directors consist eleven members.

  • Chairman - Dr. R.A.K.S. Ransanighe [Ayurvedic Physician]
  • Managing Director - Dr. H. Basil Ranjith Fernando [Ayurvedic Physician]
  • Secretary Director Board - Dr. M. A. A. K. Amarasinghe [Ayurvedic Physician ]
  • Operations Director - Dr. Sunil Shantha Wijethunga [Ayurvedic Physician]
  • Director - Dr. M. P. C. Marasinghe [Ayurvedic Physician]
  • Director - Dr. H. A. M. Thisera [Ayurvedic Physician]
  • Director - Dr. Chithrasinghe Thennagama [Ayurvedic Physician]
  • Director - Dr. N. W. K. H. Mallikarachchi [Ayurvedic Physician]
  • Director - Dr. K.M.N. Senanayake [Ayurvedic Physician]
  • Director - Dr. K. W. Rathnasiri [Ayurvedic Physician]
  • Director - Dr. H. M. G. Herath [Ayurvedic Physician]


  • Consultant Physicians: [Ayurvedic Physicians]
  • Medical Superintendents: [Ayurvedic Physicians]
Working staff consists with a large number of employees.

There four main divisions of the company consists Administration Office, Sales Department, Stores and Production Unit. There is an OPD unit which provides the services of many Resident Medical Officers daily. There are cafeterias at the head office premises Kandy Road, Yakkala and at the Sales Centre in Colombo which supply Kola Kenda, Herbal Drinks etc. to the regular consumers.

Osu pan hala in Colombo - Gruel, Herbal Drinks and Pharmaceuticals are sold in this centre. Address: Food Department - 330, Union Place - Colombo 02.

Services carried out by the each Department

Sales Department:

  • Sales Centre of the Company
    Situated at Union Place, Colombo 02.
  • Whole Island Mobile Service

Production Department:

There are nearly over 600 products are being produced under the following categories

  1. Arishta
  2. Asawa
  3. Swatha
  4. Guli
  5. Arka
  6. Rasaushada
  7. Kalka
  8. Gigul Oushadha
  9. Rasayanoushadha
  10. Various types of Modaka
  11. Choorna- Panda
  12. Syrups
  13. Oils - Grutha
  14. Lepa
  15. Special Products
  16. Avaleha
  17. Dalu Anupana
  18. Patthu


In 1932, Gampaha Siddhayurveda medical collage was founded with the motive of giving...